Tax payers are sometimes misguided, have their accounts and taxes not filed properly, or charged exorbitant fees. To resolve this issue for our long term new clients, we decided to offer a FREE service: to review your year-end work and tax filing done by other accountants. It costs nothing, and you may be able to reclaim thousands of dollars, either as paid taxes or unclaimed refunds. Contact us to set up an appointment to determine whether you/your business qualifies for our Free Tax Filing Review (certain conditions apply; limited opportunities; first come, first serve).

There is an accountant behind all successful businesses. By the same token, there is an accountant behind all failed businesses.

- SM at Calgary Chamber Luncheon

Our Services

Everything from tax filing to strategic business planning. Our full line of services include:

  • Corporate and Personal Tax Filings
  • Business Accounting
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Development
  • Formation of Companies
  • Business Expansion
  • Diversification/Modernization
  • Income Maximization and Cost Reduction
  • Marketing
  • Agency Services
  • Business System Development
  • Revival of Businesses in Trouble
  • New Business Start-Ups
  • Management/Operational Audits
  • Translating Ideas into Real Terms
  • Market/Feasibility Studies
  • Negotiating with Financiers
  • Troubleshooting
  • Critical-Events/Crisis Management
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Planning Long-term Goals and Strategies
  • Project Evaluation/Appraisal
  • Information Systems
  • Budgets
  • Monthly Performance Review Meetings
  • Business/Goods & Services/Input Taxes
  • Foreign Business
  • Exports and Imports
  • SR&ED Tax Incentive Program

Goodwill Services

Through Goodwill Services, we show our compassion to our community members. We subsidize our fees appropriately or provide free service to deserving people, utilizing our preset hours for community service. Community members are welcome to get in touch with us and find out whether they qualify to become our Goodwill Clients. This pre-qualification needs to be documented by us and communicated to you in writing, before we start the work. Any claim for reduction in our fees or waiving of our fees made after the work has commenced is not valid.

We expect our Goodwill Clients to show compassion and goodwill, not necessarily to us, but definitely to deserving community members.

Only 5% of all new business start ups survive the first 5 years. A good accountant will help you reach that 5 year mark!

- SM at Calgary Chamber Luncheon


Learn about the importance of compliance to CRA requirements and deadlines here.

Not all accountants are made equal, even though they studied the same textbook and use the same software. Some have the capability to grow your business. Some have the willingness to help you. But only a few have both!

- SM at Calgary Chamber Luncheon

About Us

We strive towards professional excellence through a unique code of work ethics and a clear focus on Conscience, Commitment & Results!

Accounting Power is owned and operated by Lile Management Services Ltd. Lile is a professionally managed Canadian corporation established in 1997. The company's President is Samuel Mathew, who is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Mr. Mathew is also a Master's Degree holder and has over 35 years of rich experience in different sectors of the economy in three different countries across the globe.


We have teamed up with Telet to provide Bookkeeping services for your business. They can help you take preventive measures and guide you to correct issues before they become real problems.

Visit Telet today to help track, record, and forecast your transactions.

When you start or run a business, you need a good accountant. A good accountant will be able to help you grow your business.

- SM at Calgary Chamber Luncheon

Find or Contact Us

Have a question about our services? Looking to book an appointment? Reach us in the following ways:

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  • 403 269 5453


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